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The Modern Travel

When Abenezer and I were going to Shashamane last Saturday, a few kilometers before the town, he pointed towards a…

Then they ask about India

“Isn’t that too long to be in conflict?”

Okhay Painday Lammian Rahwan Ishq Dian

Says a popular Sufi lyric in Punjabi which translates to ‘the roads are long and the journey arduous in the…

Hun Lahore Ae!

“Hun Lahore ae!” he would shout, informing the driver that everything was at peace, the wagon was full.

In the memory of Aapa Basheeran

Aapa Basheeran, one of the four women guardians of a mohallah in Lahore called Aahata Bakhshi Ram, and my grandfather…

You are our child

Uzbekistan is a basic country. They don’t have a lot of money. The economy is largely based around cotton and…

Day 3 in Uzbekistan: A Dead Sea Will Haunt You

Called one of the world’s worst environmental disasters, this is Aral Sea. The corpse of Aral Sea, to be correct….

Day 2 in Uzbekistan: Puttar Hor Kha

There are two ways to backpack across Uzbekistan. 1. You start at Tashkent and make your way to the west,…

More muslim than others

So I met this Turkish origin backpacker in Tashkent who wanted to do the whole stans-trip and was going to…

Day 1 in Uzbekistan: Tashkent Tashkent

Seeing me carrying nothing but a backpack, at least two people have already asked me to check-in their “over-the-limit” baggage…

The accident

There are no heroes in life. An accident is going to damage you. Drive safe.

Folklore exists because we miss our loved ones

My mother used to make these; I do this when I miss her.

Progress 4 Children

New project done for Unicef Pakistan.

The Modern Man

Going for the whole day to sit at a desk and coming back after dark, it’s not really very fulfilling. It seemed fascinating when we graduated but it doesn’t anymore.

No, it cannot be said

‘I may be committing a blasphemy here,’ she said and then paused for a while as if reconsidering her choice of words.

The national cannot describe the regional

There are things that are only being said in the regional languages. There are things that could only be written by a regional writer.

My Homeland Is Where I Breathe

We were smoking a joint. Me, a US-returned Kenyan artist, and a Norwegian nutritionist working in Ethiopia. The Kenyan artist…

3G Coverage Map for Pakistan

I didn’t really like the 3G coverage maps provided by the telecom operators, so I created one.

You are going to die like this

I had just talked to the embassy and had the flight reservation page open when the the phone rang.

Why do you travel in Punjab?

When people ask why do I travel in Punjab, I don’t always have a clear answer because it’s difficult to explain and I fear that people won’t get it.

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