My experience with coronavirus, a few thoughts after recovery

  1. We are already suffering from information anxiety when i comes to Covid-19 because of all the bad/worse news about the disease we have consumed through television and internet.
  2. The disease, in case you catch it, causes equal, if not more, mental trauma as physical sickness for many people.
  3. You have to stay calm. Like other viral infections, the novel coronavirus will take its due course (14 days). I felt I was no more sick after exactly 14 days since when I got the infection.
  4. It’d already be 4-6th day when you get your first symptoms. As I said in the previous thread, please isolate yourself as soon as you feel something’s off. That’s the only way you can maybe protect everyone else in your house.
  5. It doesn’t affect everyone the same way. The younger, more healthier people in my family were only sick for 3-4 days before they felt better. I and the eldest person who got it were worst hit. We suffered through all the 5th to 14th days of the infection.
  6. The disease itself is a bitch for those who suffer through it. Even though I was sailing through it fine on my own, without any of the serious symptoms (breathing problems or lower oxygen saturation), it was terrible.
  7. Day 5 (from the onslaught of first symptoms) to Day 10, I was alright, mild fever, relatively low energy. (Doctors say if you get to Day 10 without serious symptoms, you will be fine.)
  8. Day 10 took a turn for the worse. I felt extremely lethargic in my lower body. Even walking was tiresome. I remember calling my mother and asking her to pray.
  9. I should re-emphasize here that, in case you get it, you will be suffering through anxiety as well. Many people (I learned through the support groups I had joined on FB) feel shortness of breath which is caused not by the disease but the anxiety.
  10. After 14 days, you will feel that the sickness is no more. The body starts gaining back the lost energy. You are not recovered yet. But you are on the path of recovery.
  11. Today’s my 19th day and I am feeling much better to be able to sit in front of a computer to type this out. Maybe one more week to be back to my normal self.

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Saad May 23, 2021 Reply

Glad to know that you are better. I just stumbled across this blog, as one does sometimes, and loved the content. I hope you can find it in yourself to keep writing. You have a gift for words.
I love the translations of the Punjabi works you’ve done, very useful.

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