PTA is modern-day Kaido from Heer Waris Shah

I will explain

1. Kaido is someone looking for opportunities to spy on couples. His first mention in Heer:

کیدو ڈھونڈدا کھوج نوں پھرے بھوندا
باس چوری دی بیلیوں آوندی اے
وارث شاہ میاں ویکھو ٹنگ لنگی
شیطان دی کلہہ جگاوندی اے

Kaido spied tracking Heer all her way,
Smell of food guided him where they were.
Waris Shah now wait and see,
How Satan’s trickery will come to life.

2. Kaido finds bad intent in others affairs. Heer knows this and thus informs Ranjha:

ساڈے کھوج نُوں تک کے کرے چغلی
دینہہ رات ہے وچ بُریائیاں دے

What he saw he will exaggerate and tell,
He always looks for bad in what he sees.

3. Kaido moves to separate people and does that to feel good about himself:

مِلے سراں نُوں ایہہ وچھوڑ دیندا
بھنگ گھتدا وچ کُڑمائیاں دے

He causes separation among happy couples,
He spoils all god to please himself.

4. Kaido invokes “morality” and “cultural values” to block access to platforms available to couples.

جا نئیں تے چاک دے نال گھلدی
ایس مُلک دا ارتھ گوایا ای

She goes to river to meet the herder (Ranjha),
She pays no heed for the homeland’s purpose (values).

Typical, PTA.


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jq January 21, 2022 Reply

haha, love this.
shah hussain’s poetry brought me to your blog, and this post has me confirmed as a regular guest. nice blog!

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