My experience with coronavirus so far

  1. Prevention is harder than you think. I live in a sparsely populated suburban society, have a work from home job, didn’t go out to eat, kept social distancing with every outsider, but still got it.
  2. One person in the family, who has an office job in a govt facility strictly following SOPs got it first. All of us had it before they started to show symptoms.
  3. If any member of the family thinks they are tired for no reason, it’s better to isolate them in a separate room if possible. Your instinct will be to believe it’s due to something else, they worked too much, it was hot that day. But don’t.
  4. It is a strange illness in the sense that you feel it but it doesn’t show up on scales. You feel feverish but thermometer would still show 98.7
  5. If you or anyone else feels anything slightly off, stop exerting yourself in any activity. You will need the energy in the coming days.
  6. If you are healthy otherwise, it will likely pass. But it is going to be a prolonged battle with little to no energy. You would walk and get tired, sit and get tired, lay down and will yet be tired. That’s how it has been for me for about a week now.
  7. The course of medicine is different from person to person. Many might not even need any. Avoid following anything from the internet unless you are very very sure your particular case needs it. A less-complicated diet consisting of small portions every few hours has helped me.
  8. People mean well, even when they spend 15 minutes telling you how to deal with the illness they never had or forward you a youtube video that does the same. They mean well, that’s the only way they know to enquire about someone’s health.
  9. Prepare yourself in case you get it. Avoid junk food, start eating healthy. You will need a healthy body to fight it.

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