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Flowers in Full Bloom

I had seen this book when I was a kid. In my father’s library perhaps. But when I actually got interested in the folklore about 8 years ago, there was no sign of this book anywhere. I asked around but everyone said that the book, printed more about 3 decades ago, was not going to be found but at old book shops. They were occasionally visited. But in vain. So where was this picture taken, then? It’s a long story.

The marvelous view of the Rawalpindi city, as seen from the rooftop of Haveli Sujan Singh, right in the heart of old city.

Here I thought I was having the time of my life.

Big day

I resign from my job, someone breaks into my apartment, and I get a break on a freelance project I had been trying to complete. All in one day. You know what that means?

A house in the Chittian Hattian neighborhood in Rawalpindi.

Ravi de parlay kanday

My first for Dawn. Stories from Punjab in the north of Ravi.

A festival of festivals

If you guys were not so urban, I would tell you of a festival like no other. I would tell you that people from different parts of Punjab, Sindh, and KP begin their pilgrimage 45 days before the festival.

Punjabi women and religion

I keep hearing — from men, of course — that ‘Punjabi women are more religious and more superstitious.’

Apna Punjab

I wish you could be here. We could make a stop and seize these moments and this landscape and make them our own.

Don’t be a man

Don’t be a man, be a human.

Andar hu te bahar hu!

Cannot believe what I found this morning! All thanks to Chintan​. He asked for a link to the song I woke up to, the one the milk shop was playing. It was googled and sent to him but, while searching, I found something else too. A great one at that.

Lahore Ka Hast-o-Neest

Aadarsh was here yesterday. For the second weekend in a row, I should add. He came last weekend for Lahore Literary Festival, we made a few walks in old Lahore after the LLF sessions, and I think he liked what he saw and experienced. Why else would one travel two weekends in a row to a city hundreds of kilometers away? Not just for lassi, of course.

Thinking of Sindh

Travel map for a month-long road trip across Sindh.

Izzat wala kaam

“Where do you study?” The guy sitting next to me in the bus asked when we got back to our seats after the loo and tea break.

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