We are software engineers

So a friend of mine and I are sitting at this real estate giant’s booking office to get a plot. It’s the last date so there is naturally some rush. There are many large cabins with comfy seats and one or two managers preparing the files. We enter one.

This uncle, sitting across us, was getting a few plots for himself. For a few minutes he makes us some suggestion about the scheme. After a while —I don’t recall how— the conversation moves to “rishtas” and we find him and the manager, a young guy, discussing what should a man see in a woman before getting married. He gives the manager his card and advises him to consult him before tying the knot.

All of a sudden, he turns towards us and asks what do we do. I hesitate a little as I am never sure about my profession. My friend answers for both of us, “We are software engineers.” He turns back to the manager. We start to laugh.

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