Zong GPRS Plays Youtube Videos Very Well

I’ve always been a heavy data-user on my mobile service. But since I got unlimited data plan (a day ago), I’m not hesitant in opening heavy sites, allowing images & javascript and all. I am on Zong network. The procedure to get the unlimited GPRS can be made more simple. Their call center representative told me to get a balance of 460+ and then call him back. I did and then he filed my request in some queue telling me that my unlimited gprs will be activated within 24 hours (“if you maintain your balance to 460+”). So thats how I got unlimited data plan.

Now my youtube experience with Zong GPRS: Last night when power was out and I was laying in bed. I thought to visit that youtube mobile portal. And clicked on one of the featured videos from home page and then “Watch Video” and WOW, it streamed very smooth without a single second pause. I never thought a gprs connection can do this for me. Thanks Zong. I’ll be waiting for when you offer EDGE (and 3G). I guess, I will abandon my exile then :)

UPDATE: Now its easy to subscribe to this package. Just dial 905 from your phone and select the package. In addition to this monthly package, you can also subscribe to the hourly package that will cost you Rs 15 / hour. And the billing will be for the minutes you have used not for the whole hour. :)


Fariha Akhtar June 6, 2008 Reply

“…I will abandon my exile then ..” Hmmm….good thought :P

Sohail June 7, 2008 Reply

@ Fariha – Aur nahi to kiya… We should have access to the internet when we are out… Thats one of the things keeping us locked in our rooms…

Fariha Akhtar June 9, 2008 Reply

U r absolutely right and this reminds me of the “Sunday is meant for outing” post :P which is no longer there but it got indexed b4 u cud delete it :P
Aur karain ghar se bahir se blog posts :P

Sohail June 9, 2008 Reply

@Fariha: Haha. Yeah one should not delete a blog post. But when I got home and checked the picture on monitor, my picture didn’t click me much. :P

Naveed Hashmi June 10, 2008 Reply

DON’T subscribe to ZONG monthly GPRS package if you wanna download something valuable.

The speed is good, but the bastard staff won’t let you grab anything from RAPIDSHARE or MEGAUPLOAD and will often interrupt your downloads (specially in the night) to fulfill their own f u c k in g desires (may be, they are keep collecting porno things all the time).

Moreover, they are keep resetting their SERVERS frequently (usually, in every 6-8 hours).

If you do complain, their asshole CROs will consider you a ‘chootiya’.

I have been a victim for the whole shitty month, and now looking for other service providers…

Sohail June 10, 2008 Reply

@Naveed: Huh… I’ve not tried downloading anything from rapidshare or megaupload. But I really don’t think Zong has asked its staff to interrupt downloads!

I’m a typically a user of fring (the all in one messenger), google (maps, search, reader, docs, youtube), and general websites. And it works great for me.

Tauseef Malik June 17, 2008 Reply

Yup! i m using zong unlimited GPRS . and often use via laptop when i dont have access to BB. the xperience was fantastic. and it full fill ma needs more then i was expecting. and i hope i will be their suscriber for along period!!

Usman Afzal June 22, 2008 Reply

I totally DISAGREE with Naveed Hashmi (comment#5). My internet experience with ZONG unlimited GPRS package is very good.

Last sunday, when i had problems with my DSL connection, I used ZONG gprs connection on PC for more than 15 hours without any single disconnection and ZONG did not stop any single download! (but after 15 hours,my PC was OFF due to load-shedding of KESC).

This is amazing and downloading speed is better than dial up connection but slower than DSL. This is obvious because GPRS connection is originally designed for your mobile.

I was using gprs connection of JAZZ Mobilink on my Samsung mobile since last 4 years and my internet bill was exceeding 1200 rupees every month but now, it is only 460 rupees per month. Thanks to ZONG!!

Umair Khan Jadoon June 28, 2008 Reply

thanx for all this info guyz… one thing I wana know is how is can someone tell me how is Zong GPRS experience without EDGE? … how much download I can get?

thanx in advance

Sohail June 29, 2008 Reply

Umair, as Zong does not support EDGE yet what we are getting and talking about is its GPRS experience. And let me tell you that the quality depends upon how near you are to the tower and how many people are connected with GPRS with same tower. At night the speed will be around 5-10K and in day time it will be around 2-6K.

Naeem July 7, 2008 Reply

well i was also looking to get zong unlimtied
tel me it is activated evri time or one i mean that one time i get 460 and use it for hol month and other month i dont hav 460 what hapens

naeem dot ajk at gmail dot com

Sohail July 7, 2008 Reply

@Naeem: after a month it gets deactivated automatically. And you are charged as usual.

Rose July 16, 2008 Reply

Hi i want to subscribe for zong unlimited gprs.can we download songs, themes and other stuff on our mobiles through zong gprs?

Sohail July 16, 2008 Reply

@ Rose: Welcome into the world of Exile. Yes, you can do anything that you can do with the internet.

Badshah July 27, 2008 Reply

Ahan now after time zong’s internet is f u c k e d up, that assho.le staff just f u c k e d up the gr8 zong service,nw it is worst then even dial up,f u c k u zong

UsMaN August 3, 2008 Reply

true ! I am using zong unlimited and believe me I am not even getting the speed which can match dialup.

sohaib.y September 7, 2008 Reply

how can iconnect my mobile with pc using zong coonnection .pls anyone reply me

CHMUNIRAHMAD September 22, 2008 Reply


Barkat ali Brohi October 15, 2008 Reply

I have heard that there is an free package in ZONG is it true ?? if yes ..then how can i get that package whats the proccess of connecting the gprs in mob nokia 7610?? thanx..

munib October 16, 2008 Reply

hey i am having trouble shooting in connecting my LG chocolate using the GPRS of ZONG with my laptop.
it says that hardware failure , has any one got any clue about this ?
please reply

Hiba November 2, 2008 Reply

with unlimited internet package activated, will I be able to use internet on more than one pcs connected in a network?

osani November 3, 2008 Reply

pata nahi kab edge ay ga gujranwala main

naveed December 1, 2008 Reply

The person who needs the procedure to connect the unlimited gprs / edge on pc can call 0321 2131513

Usman Afzal December 8, 2008 Reply

I am using ZoNG gprs on mobile since May 2008. The downloading speed was 6–8 kilobytes/sec at that time (when using ZoNG edge on PC) but today I am surprised to see the downloading speed of 20–30 kilobytes/sec and upload speed of 7.5–8 kilobytes/sec.

I then checked their IP address. Now they are using Cybernet network for EDGE connection. This download speed is so close to my 256K broadband connection! but upload speed is still very low. I am using ZoNG EDGE connection on PC using Samsung E200 mobile as modem through usb cable. Now, streaming of YouTube videos on PC is no problem!

I think, this is because of launch of USB card. Now, ZoNG is on top as far as mobile gprs speed is concerned. I am from gulshan-e-iqbal, Karachi.

Muhammad Ali January 31, 2010 Reply

i am using Zong internet mobile to Pc but speed of internet is so slow like 2kp/sec but some time 6kb/sec
i thing it is so slow

Muhammad Ali January 31, 2010 Reply

Plese Help:

Some one tell me ,how i can use dialup connection using mob to pc by using internet cards just like using landline PTCL (cypernet,breeze…)
please tell me if some one use

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