The Birth of Ideas Hut

Once upon a time, I had a 5 word faecbook status “make a developers network of pakistan”. I would have updated that status and moved on the next day but Fariha saw it and started bugging me :) We discussed and groomed the idea with each wall-post. Better put, it was she who groomed the idea, I was simple replying to what she was throwing at me :P . And I felt what we are discussing is important and should be shared with the world. And more people should participate in the process. So I setup a rough version of Ideas Hut and sent her the link.

That started yet another brainstorming session over IM. We made a road map for Ideas Hut, how it can benefit everyone, what features it should have to be really useful and all that. I was impressed by her planning abilities and vision. The first idea we have at Ideas Hut (IT-Professionals-Network) is in fact a result of her brainstorming. To be faithful, she has bigger part in start and growth of Ideas Hut than I. And that makes her our CEO.

Ideas Hut is very dear to us. We have big dreams about its future. its not really launched and is still in beta. Many things from our first board meeting’s minutes still need to be addressed. Stay with us, you will see something very interesting from the two mad Pakistanis. May be you see us on Wired’s cover some day for the startup we launch taking an idea from Ideas Hut :)


Fariha Akhtar June 11, 2008 Reply

Wired Magazine’s Cover…InshAllah :)

sumair (szad) June 12, 2008 Reply

wow the idea seems to be very good

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