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Why do you travel in Punjab?

When people ask why do I travel in Punjab, I don’t always have a clear answer because it’s difficult to explain and I fear that people won’t get it.

Dunyadari da khayal

‘Too bad, I can only be poetic in this state,’ I smiled and then read this verse of Baba Farid’s: Main bhulawa pagg da matt maili ho jaaye/ Gehla rooh na jaan-ee sirr bhi mitti khaaye.

Introduce yourself

“Since when have you been running this tandoor?” I ask the woman who owns and operates this tandoor that provides me with rotian for lunch and dinner here in Pakpattan.

Rawalpindi as seen from Haveli Sujan Singh

The marvelous view of the Rawalpindi city, as seen from the rooftop of Haveli Sujan Singh, right in the heart of old city.

Chittian Hattian da ik ghar

A house in the Chittian Hattian neighborhood in Rawalpindi.

Apna Punjab

I wish you could be here. We could make a stop and seize these moments and this landscape and make them our own.

The town cursed by Ranjha still burns

Some 40km south-west of Pakpattan, along the bank of River Satluj, lies an ancient old town called Qaboola. So ancient and important that it housed not one but many forts.

A great find of the day

During the late 70s, a ‘mobile unit’ was formed at National Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage (Lok Virsa). The…

Mainu Hadali vich dafan karna

Having just celebrated his 99th birthday a month before, Khushwant Singh held Aijazuddin’s hand, looked right at him, and said: “Mainu maran toh baad Pakistan Hadali vich dafan kareen, jithe main jammya paleya.”

Sand was my tablet, index finger my pen

He then taught me how to write the letters. We didn’t have pen or blank papers to practice. Sand was my tablet, index finger my pen.

Babu Rajab Ali

Punjab’s partition didn’t just result in the death of our loved ones, it shattered many a souls too. Beyond repair.

Iqbal Qaiser

Iqbal Qaiser was in Islamabad today. We met a few hours ago and he read me a chapter from his…

Selective Histories

I’m looking at this book, History and Culture of Punjab, published from New Delhi and there’s something odd about it….

Punjabi Musalman

Although Pakistani Punjabis do have a linguistic identity, their language identity takes a back seat to their religious identity. The…

Pakistan Punjabi Adbi Board

One of the first things we did under the banner of Folk Punjab Foundation was to bring Pakistan Punjabi Adbi…

This is why I seek all things folk

Once when I used to make bike trips from Islamabad to Lahore, I went to see the village Waris Shah…

Mela Chanan Peer

Punjab on the Pakistani side is big, almost 3 times the size of Indian states of Punjab and Haryana combined….

He gave his life so that you can read Farid

When reading Baba Farid’s poetry, you’ll notice some couplets have a response—also in the form of a couplet—by Guru Arjan…

A Timeline of Punjab

Someone needs to create a timeline of Punjab with three parallel branches: 1. Outlining the changing geopolitical situation across centuries….

Punjab is More than Politics

I am sharing this to remind us all that Punjab is more than what we see, larger than what we…

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