OpenNewsletter was last released 5 years ago. It’s very outdated now. And since I have gotten busy with other things, it has been taken down.

Please use something else.


Deborah Ranchuk February 9, 2012

Worked fine the first time six weeks ago, and now says the new mail did not send, but I still got a copy. Tried to upgrade to 2.5.1, but not sure that it actually did so.

Robac February 13, 2012

Awesome work! Simple yet so powerfull! Thanks!

krushal February 13, 2012

how can i reset the password ????

where is the option of reset the password ????

Hemi March 1, 2012

OpenNewsletter is simple and effective
great piece of software
Thank you for making this available to the public

Rewmer March 13, 2012

Very nice indeed. would like to loose the iframe though and use a simple php include instead. Cant get it to work though with the include. Any ideas ?

Sajid March 15, 2012

There is an issue with newsletter sender. Please check

It is sending Blank emails..

jey April 10, 2012

I got this following error:
Notice: Undefined index: valid in C:\xampp\htdocs\newsletter\includes\template.php on line 78

kanner April 11, 2012

is there any way to specify a timeout between sending messages?

Emanuele April 20, 2012

Hi Sajid, in the send.php file add this code before the line 62