Ethiopia: Everybody Loves The New PM

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed Ali, holds a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, post-grad in cryptography, an MA in Transformational Leadership and Change, an MBA, as well as a PhD on ‘conflict resolution.’

He has only been in office since April 2018 but has since (a) ended a 20-year long conflict with neighboring sworn-enemy Eritrea, (b) released thousands of political prisoners, (c) invited exiled opposition leaders back to the country to freely take part in politics, and (d) started the process of ending state monopoly over telecommunications, aviation, electricity, and logistics. 

He also just announced a new cabinet giving half of the ministries to women, while also reducing the cabinet size by 30%.

No wonder the mood since he took power is overwhelmingly optimistic in Ethiopia. I hope and pray that it stays this way.

(Son of a Muslim father and a Christian mother, he became a Protestant Christian after initially practicing Islam. Hamaray han hota to siyasat hi na karne dete.)

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