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Day 3 in Uzbekistan: A Dead Sea Will Haunt You

Called one of the world’s worst environmental disasters, this is Aral Sea. The corpse of Aral Sea, to be correct….

Day 2 in Uzbekistan: Puttar Hor Kha

There are two ways to backpack across Uzbekistan. 1. You start at Tashkent and make your way to the west,…

More muslim than others

So I met this Turkish origin backpacker in Tashkent who wanted to do the whole stans-trip and was going to…

Day 1 in Uzbekistan: Tashkent Tashkent

Seeing me carrying nothing but a backpack, at least two people have already asked me to check-in their “over-the-limit” baggage…

My Homeland Is Where I Breathe

We were smoking a joint. Me, a US-returned Kenyan artist, and a Norwegian nutritionist working in Ethiopia. The Kenyan artist…

You are going to die like this

I had just talked to the embassy and had the flight reservation page open when the the phone rang.

Why do you travel in Punjab?

When people ask why do I travel in Punjab, I don’t always have a clear answer because it’s difficult to explain and I fear that people won’t get it.

Ravi de parlay kanday

My first for Dawn. Stories from Punjab in the north of Ravi.

Apna Punjab

I wish you could be here. We could make a stop and seize these moments and this landscape and make them our own.

Thinking of Sindh

Travel map for a month-long road trip across Sindh.

Traveling by train after 20 years

That’s it. I am never traveling by Daewoo again.

Filipinos don’t say no

They culturally don’t outright deny a request. Maybe this is why the rich people across the world think Filipinos make a good maid?

Filipinos want to know you!

Following is just a few of the many conversions I had which follow pretty much the same pattern but with different verdicts.

Meri athri jawani

But if I die today, don’t blame the lSl, it will be my athri jawani.

Philippines beyond Manila

You have no idea what Filipinos have to leave to provide for their families.

This isn’t traveling

We shouldn’t even be allowed to check-in from these cities we travel to because we don’t. This isn’t traveling.

Planning is Half the Fun!

The Grand Africa Trip: Kenya ⇢ Tanzania ⇢ Zimbabwe ⇢ South Africa ⇢ Namibia ⇢ Nigeria ⇢ Mali ⇢ Morocco.

Traveling Africa Without Visa

I might be getting a bit optimistic here but it appears one can do Africa without getting a visa in…

Baba Farid and Bibi

There’s a larger than life figure in Punjabi literature, Baba Farid. I have spent a few years of my childhood playing in his courtyard. He was long gone, many a hundred years ago. But these Sufis are devious people, they don’t leave. Baba Farid never left Pakpattan.

Photo Travelogue of My Rural Punjab Bike Trip

In 2010, I embarked on an ambitious bike trip of Punjab, visiting 30 cities in 30 days, covering 5,000km. That…

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