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Dunyadari da khayal

‘Too bad, I can only be poetic in this state,’ I smiled and then read this verse of Baba Farid’s: Main bhulawa pagg da matt maili ho jaaye/ Gehla rooh na jaan-ee sirr bhi mitti khaaye.

A festival of festivals

If you guys were not so urban, I would tell you of a festival like no other. I would tell you that people from different parts of Punjab, Sindh, and KP begin their pilgrimage 45 days before the festival.

Shah Hussain’s Lahore

Reading about Shamus Rahman Faruqi’s The Mirror of Beauty, I was wondering why hasn’t anybody attempted to write about Shah Hussain’s life and times in Lahore as a novel?

MakhanoN wala baba

When I was a child, for a few years I was a neighbour of Baba Farid — head of the…

Sufi verses are not for others

Last night, when I was riding my bike to join my friends for dinner and had random songs from Folk…

Come my love, take care of me — Bulleh Shah

Come my love, take care of me, I am in great agony. Ever separated, my dreams are dreary, Looking for…

What sufi festivals mean to the people

It is the beginning of the Hijri year. A time that matters to me for two reasons: remembering Hussain’s determination…

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