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No, it cannot be said

‘I may be committing a blasphemy here,’ she said and then paused for a while as if reconsidering her choice of words.

The national cannot describe the regional

There are things that are only being said in the regional languages. There are things that could only be written by a regional writer.

Andar hu te bahar hu!

Cannot believe what I found this morning! All thanks to Chintan​. He asked for a link to the song I woke up to, the one the milk shop was playing. It was googled and sent to him but, while searching, I found something else too. A great one at that.

An arduous task

To count the dead.

Folk treasures

It’s times like these when I wish our modern-day singers would also look through the treasures we have in folk and classical poetry before they select (or worse, write themselves) what they are going to sing.

Babu Rajab Ali

Punjab’s partition didn’t just result in the death of our loved ones, it shattered many a souls too. Beyond repair.

Poetry of Pir Mehar Ali Shah

Pir Mehar Ali Shah was a Sufi saint of the Chishti order who lived from 1859 to 1937 in the…

Maye Ni

Maye ni Sanu chain na painda Sanu saah na aave Sanu kujh na bhave Assi kaare keete Assi joon handai…

Pata Nai Lagna

pata nai lagna aiven ik din khare khalote saah di dori tutt jani ae jind nimani mukk jani ae —…

He gave his life so that you can read Farid

When reading Baba Farid’s poetry, you’ll notice some couplets have a response—also in the form of a couplet—by Guru Arjan…

My First Punjabi Poem

Kujh hunda hai Dil karda hai Ik qalam pharaN Kujh shabad likhaN Apne osde bare che Ishaq de aes minare…

Journey of Love, Reading a Sufi Masterpiece

Just came back from a Sufi poetry event, held around Safar-ul-Ishq (Journey of Love, popularly known as Saiful Malook), the…

Those Who Went in Pursuit of Knowledge

Those who went in pursuit of knowledge Soared up so high, stretched the edge Were still encaged by the same…

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