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Main aur meri aawaragi

I have only one song in my iTunes and it’s been on repeat since this morning: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s Main Aur Meri Aawaragi. Is tarah ki chezain hi dimag kharab karti hein.

When a poet joins an NGO

This is what happens when a poet joins an NGO.

I’m the Sikh in my class

I, on the other hand, find myself explaining, and sometimes correcting, the names of the Gurus, the institution of Khalsa, the Kirtan, the symbolic significance of the Ks, the nature of Sikh religion (not a “form” of Hinduism), and the fact that the Sikhs are Punjabi people.

Only thing I like about Defense Day

These sons [dying in wars] are not sold on shops, what are you looking for in the market?

Maybe we already have what we seek

Perhaps that’s the problem with the Internet inspiration. Maybe you already have what you seek.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

But now that I am doing it, it is occurring to me that reporting in Pakistan is not easy. You need dark humor to survive.

That day of the year again

It’s that day of the year again…


The history of immigration is the history of alienation and its consequences… For every freedom won, a tradition lost. For…

Baba Farid and Bibi

There’s a larger than life figure in Punjabi literature, Baba Farid. I have spent a few years of my childhood playing in his courtyard. He was long gone, many a hundred years ago. But these Sufis are devious people, they don’t leave. Baba Farid never left Pakpattan.

I wish you could be a little crazy

Seeing me writing a Faiz poem in the notebook, my teacher said that it was crazy and I should first…

We are software engineers

So a friend of mine and I are sitting at this real estate giant’s booking office to get a plot….

MakhanoN wala baba

When I was a child, for a few years I was a neighbour of Baba Farid — head of the…

Nobody tells you what really matters

It was 9th or 10th grade when I told my father that I want to study people and cultures and…

Have you seen ‘Into the Wild’?

Whenever one of my friends watches Into the Wild for the first time, they come to and say, “Have you…

How can you live like this?

‎”Why don’t you have a job; how can you live like this, without a career, traveling on a whim and…

Why I’m selling everything I own

I’m no Ibn Battuta but our stories are kinda similar. Two years ago, I took a month out of my busy life to travel across Punjab on my motorbike. “30 days, 30 cities, 5000km, one hell of a journey,” that’s how I summarize it now. But I feel like it was just a glimpse of the heights and depths of the places I visited and the people I met. I now want to “live” at places, not just travel through.

On a bicycle, after 13 years

That’s me, riding my new bicycle. “When I see an adult on a bicycle, I do not despair for the…

(no title)

آہ کو چاہیے اِک عمر اثر ہونے تک کون جیتا ہے تیری زلف کے سر ہونے تک عاشقی صبر طلب…

(no title)

عشق مجھ کو نہیں وحشت ہی سہی میری وحشت تیری شہرت ہی سہی ہم بھی دشمن تو نہیں ہیں اپنے…

My First Day at Hospital

Finally, they had me! For the first time in my life, I was in a hospital. It was quite an…

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