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Hun Lahore Ae!

“Hun Lahore ae!” he would shout, informing the driver that everything was at peace, the wagon was full.

In the memory of Aapa Basheeran

Aapa Basheeran, one of the four women guardians of a mohallah in Lahore called Aahata Bakhshi Ram, and my grandfather…

The accident

There are no heroes in life. An accident is going to damage you. Drive safe.

Folklore exists because we miss our loved ones

My mother used to make these; I do this when I miss her.

The Modern Man

Going for the whole day to sit at a desk and coming back after dark, it’s not really very fulfilling. It seemed fascinating when we graduated but it doesn’t anymore.

A surreal affair

“Wait, what am I asking, you don’t plan your trips, you just leave, just like that,” she said.

My Indian connection

My father and I were talking about his recent trip to Indian Punjab when I asked him if he spoke to the people there in Punjabi.

The tree that used to cry

‘Was there a tree in the house?’ she asked. ‘Yes, there in fact was one. And it used to cry.’ She looked at me as if I was indulging in poetry.

Flowers in Full Bloom

I had seen this book when I was a kid. In my father’s library perhaps. But when I actually got interested in the folklore about 8 years ago, there was no sign of this book anywhere. I asked around but everyone said that the book, printed more about 3 decades ago, was not going to be found but at old book shops. They were occasionally visited. But in vain. So where was this picture taken, then? It’s a long story.

The comment cracked me up

Here I thought I was having the time of my life.

Big day

I resign from my job, someone breaks into my apartment, and I get a break on a freelance project I had been trying to complete. All in one day. You know what that means?

Punjabi women and religion

I keep hearing — from men, of course — that ‘Punjabi women are more religious and more superstitious.’

Dear male friends

Do the right thing. Lose control. Don’t be a man, be a human.

Izzat wala kaam

“Where do you study?” The guy sitting next to me in the bus asked when we got back to our seats after the loo and tea break.

The dream-catcher

I got myself three souvenirs from Philippines: a model Jeepney, a traditional earthen jar, and a dream-catcher.

Thank you, Jagdish

I am just touched by how people can feel a connection with you from far away.

A wedding is coming up

A wedding is coming up. No not mine, silly. That would be foolish considering how great it has turned out for others in my family.

Good times

Today, I found myself changing the display setting in my smartphone from ‘standard’ to ‘zoomed.’

Get married

“You have already crossed 30, don’t make it to 40 like this. Get married.”

Sand was my tablet, index finger my pen

He then taught me how to write the letters. We didn’t have pen or blank papers to practice. Sand was my tablet, index finger my pen.

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