Ethiopia: Is Your Food Approved by My God?

I don’t get the obsession of traveling to strange new lands and asking the people there if their food is halal.

This world is big and full of people different from us and cultures different from ours. For me, that is one of the reasons to travel. To be able to see and experience new ways of living. And different food is a part of that.

I often find myself in small towns where the food places are not for tourists. Sometimes, I don’t even find restaurants in the usual sense of the word. Sometimes I have to request the people running the homestays to prepare me the food they eat.

And I don’t have the heart of asking them if their food is approved by the God of my people. I could never do that.

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Wahid June 27, 2020 Reply

It’s natural feeling and tour as God asked to see
Great new way to think
Stay safe

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