Andar hu te bahar hu!

Cannot believe what I found this morning! All thanks to Chintan​. He asked for a link to the song I woke up to, the one the milk shop was playing. It was googled and sent to him but, while searching, I found something else too. A great one at that.

It’s an original Abida Parveen song based on Sultan Bahu’s lyrics. In her signature 80s style! The style we grew up listening to. It was a great time. I don’t know who was composing for her back then but all her music from that time has a feel, a directness, an energy. She was singing all these Sufis from across India. It was like she had discovered a big treasure of lyrics and it was all so natural for her. She developed a method, the lyrics were abundant, she could sing with ease. One song after another. There was no stopping her. She was comfortable so very comfortable. I can go on and on but you get the point.

Oh man, this is too big. Too great. Okay, I won’t make you wait anymore, play it here.


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