Thinking of Sindh

Travel map for a possible road trip across Sindh. I am not setting time limits. If it extends to months, so be it. If I don’t feel like leaving Bhit Shah, I won’t. Full-time hippie mahol!

This, frankly, looks overwhelming. Wish me luck.

1. Kashmore
2. Sukkur
3. Larkana
4. Mohenjo-daro
5. Sehwan Sharif
6. Nawabshah
7. Sanghar
8. Bhit Shah
9. Mirpur Khas
10. Umarkot
11. Kunri
12. Nagarparkar (Bhodesar Temples)
13. Badin
14. Thatta (Haleji Lake, Hadero Lake, Makli)
15. Bhambhore
16. Karachi


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