Thank you, Jagdish

“My friends F and S are coming to Lahore from Dec 22 to Jan 4. It will give me so much happiness if you could meet them during those days. I will meet and get to know you more through them…”

Someone, who only knew me through the little stories I post on Facebook, sent this message from thousands of miles away. How can you say no to such a gesture? So I went to see F and S yesterday and found that they were initially equally bemused by her request. “You must meet this guy when in Lahore,” they were told such and some more. I was also a bit nervous about meeting a couple who didn’t know me. But we quickly hit it off and talked for hours. And it was still not enough.

Later last night, when I told her about having met her friends and asked why was she interested in meeting me through them, she said, “You writings, views are as transparent as your soul; and that is what I admire about you. Keep up being ‘you’.”

I am just touched by how people can feel a connection with you from far away.

Thank you, J.

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