A wedding is coming up

A wedding is coming up. No not mine. That would be foolish considering how great it has turned out for others.

Remember my lambardar chacha? Yeah, it’s his son. And daughter. Not one but two village weddings. Aik din baad doosri. Wah wah ronaq laggi rehni.

Despite the fact that the said chacha considers me a useless nephew who just travels aimlessly and is certainly going to express his disappointment in the general aversion to business among the boys in the family, especially me.

And despite having to see a phuphi who once “caught” me and an ex of mine on our way to Noor Jehan’s Tomb and who is probably going to ask: sahaail oh kudi da kih haal ae? thori moti si par sohni si. And the tale shall be told to everyone.

Looking forward to all the fun!

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