Get married

"You have already crossed 30, don't make it to 40 like this. Get married."

So I went to see my relatives in Lahore today and this happened:

Aunty: How have you been?
Me: Alright, just had a little temperature this week. *Coughs*

Aunty: You have cough too.
Me: No, I don’t. I was just clearing my throat. *Clears throat*

Aunty: Are you still sick?
Me: No, I am fine now.

Aunty, after a pause: So how does it feel—getting sick when living alone, having to take care of yourself?
Me: It’s alright, not that big a deal.

Aunty: You have already crossed 30, don’t make it to 40 like this. Get married.
Me: There you go.

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