Philippines: Filipinos want to know you!

My pre-travel reading on Philippines had also warned about the inquisitive nature of the Filipinos and the “intrusive” questions you gets asked everywhere you go. Good thing that I don’t mind the people anywhere I go (can’t stand “the development” though, but you know that very well by now). Anyway, following is just a few of the many conversions I had which follow pretty much the same pattern but with different verdicts.

“Where you from, sir?”
“You alone, sir?”
“Where’s the missus, sir?”
“I’m not married.”
“Oh, too bad.”
(I just laugh.)

“Where are you from?”
“Ah, Pakeestani! How old are you?”
“About 30.”
“You don’t look 30.”
“Ah, really?!” I don’t believe her.
“You are very handsome,” she says in a genuine expression.
“Aww, thank you!”
“Are all Pakistanis handsome like you?”
“Yes, very much so.” (Because I couldn’t break her heart, I lied for you.)

“Where are you from?”
“How old are you?”
“Well, 30.”
“You look like a father.” (it was a kid who had taken place of her mom in the bakery.)
“I should think about that. But have you done your homework today?” why not act like a father, I thought.

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