Iqbal Qaiser

Iqbal Qaiser was in Islamabad today. We met a few hours ago and he read me a chapter from his upcoming book. It’s a travelogue through history, a present through the past, about the Jains and their mandirs.

I stopped him after the opening paragraph and took the manuscript before letting him continue the reading, just to see the words. It’s a brilliant piece of Punjabi prose. It was a pleasure to read something so original in Punjabi non-fiction. I’ll let you know when it gets published. You are going to thank him for writing this.

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Rishabh Jain February 14, 2018 Reply

I’d like to get in touch with Iqbal Qaiser to find contacts about presently living Jains in Pakistan. This is regarding a research project to study the evolution of Jain community in Pakistan.

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