Turn, o spinning wheel —by— Shah Hussain

Ghoom charakhra, teri kattan wali jeeve, nallian wattan wali jeeve

Turn, o spinning wheel,
Turn long live your weaver
Who weaves the cotton of love

Buddha hoyo Shah Hussaina, dandeen jheeran paiyaan
Uth savere dhoondan laggoN, sanjh diyan jo gaiyaan

Shah Hussain is old
With wrinkles all over
At dawn he looks for those
Who have left their hearth

Har dam naam sambhal sayin da, taa tu asthar theevain

With every movement
Vibrates the name of the Master
With every beat
There is perfect union
There is perfect communion

Charkha bole sayin sayin, baatr bole tooN
Kahe Hussain fakeer sayin da, main naahi sabh tooN

The spinning wheel echoes His name
Every heart beat follows its strain
Shah Hussain, the faqir, prays
It is you, it is you
It is the same refrain!

Text from http://apnaorg.com/poetry/shah/shah21.html
Translation from Sufi Rhythms, Prof. Harjit Singh Gill, 2007.
Abida Parveen singing Ghoom Charakhra
Patahany Khan singing Ghoom Charakhra

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Umi Sinha May 14, 2019 Reply

Do you know where I can find English translations of Shah Hussain’s poetry please? Is there a book or archive? Thanks

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