He Gave His Life So That You Can Read Farid

When reading Baba Farid’s poetry, you’ll notice some couplets have a response—also in the form of a couplet—by Guru Arjan Dev. Even when Baba Farid’s poetry is published in Pakistan, Guru Arjan Dev’s couplets are included as part of it (with due credit, of course).

He was the one who collated the verses of previous Sikh gurus (and others including Bhagat Kabir and Baba Farid) into one book, Adi Granth—first form of the Sikh holy scripture.

Mughal king Jahangir, who was not happy with the guru for giving shelter to his rebel son Khusrau, ordered him to pay a heavy fine and remove verses with Islamic/Hindu references from Adi Granth. When Guru Arjan refused, he was made to sit on a burning sheet while hot sand was poured over his body. After enduring five days of unrelenting torture he was taken for a bath in Ravi. As thousands watched he entered the river never to be seen again.

When you read Baba Farid next time, remember Guru Arjan Dev. He gave his life so that you can read Farid. Respects to the first Sikh martyr, for his integrity and his stand.

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