How can you live like this?

‎”Why don’t you have a job; how can you live like this, without a career, traveling on a whim and all?” is the question I get asked the most, during the travels by people whom I meet, and online by those following my updates.

What do I tell you…

I love traveling but that’s not the reason for this bohemian lifestyle; death is. Since I was a kid, I have had this feeling that I’m going to die young. And who wants to die without living?

Even if I don’t, wasting the only lifetime on “building a career” sounds suffocating to me. Working 9-6 is the worst thing humankind has inflicted upon itself. It sucks the life out of you, in my experience.

And the meta-narratives of ‘betterment of society’ and ‘helping build the economy’ are hollow attempts to justify a cruel lifestyle.

Sorry if it does not make sense to you, I needed to get this off my chest.

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