Please help me decide…

I am having this nice domain ( for a while now. But not sure what exactly to do with it. Originally I thought to use it to show case my experiences, photos, and videos from my tour-de-pakistan-on-motorcycle. But now I have some other options too. So its difficult to decide. You can help me?


sumair(szad) October 12, 2008 Reply

sohail bhia the result shows
An encyclopedia about pakistan

and i voted for it too

it will be a great idea

Fariha Akhtar October 13, 2008 Reply


Me too me too voted for the same :)

Sohail October 14, 2008 Reply

@Sumair, Fariha:

There is this problem with encyclopedia: who will manage it! Even if I setup a system like wikipedia, there is a need for moderators and editors.

Asad Abbas October 24, 2008 Reply

Why not Zoho … I liked this concept …give free services to pakistani people … who are highly dependent upon google/yahoo/rest of the world … may be we can create our own monopoly in this world :P

Teeth Maestro October 26, 2008 Reply

Well I voted for the encyclopedia as well ;) but make it different – not the lame old wikipedias on Pakistan – I trust you will do a far better job !!!

Muhammad Mushrraf October 27, 2008 Reply


Make it a blog for Pakistani FreeLancers. I am feeling a need for such blogs ( not only one blog ) in these days, intensely.

Meraj Khattak October 28, 2008 Reply

It should be used for “an encyclopedia about Pakistan”.

Momekh October 30, 2008 Reply

I think there is no need for a website for an enclclopedia for PK.
IF you can mange something like 37 Singals, then that. But that won’t of course be easy.
A blog for Paki Freelancers sounds like a great idea though.
Good luck,

aMmAr October 30, 2008 Reply

I like the first idea better, I know we need to highlight and appreciate our history and heritage. But helping the youngsters, freelancers etc would be a much better idea. In this way we will be making new Pakistani history. And who knows it can unfold into the Pakistani version of google ;)

I wish you luck man!

Le Mystique November 4, 2008 Reply

A website for your tour-de-pakistan

Aqeel Zafar November 11, 2008 Reply

We won! Now, when are we getting that encyclopedia? :p

DocMood November 24, 2008 Reply

I voted for the Pakistani Tech startups, idea generators etc. I think your background and skills would be best suited to this and you could easily manage it and it would hve HUGE potential with the growth in Tech in Pakistan.
The encyclopedia would be a NIGHTMARE to manage and would take you away from doing what you are obviously good at and enjoy.
The others would be a cop-out…just another blog of a guy.
Aim high my friend.
Just my 2 rupees worth ;)

DocMood November 24, 2008 Reply

oh, and talking of good domain names, i have which I’m just playing with at the mo for some property stuff and pakistan community forums.

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