The Future of My Desktop is Already Present!

Its all because of Google Chrome!


Sohaib Athar September 3, 2008 Reply

Until there are a few hundred extensions/addons available, Chrome is still a lot less powerful than FF, no?

sumair(szad) September 3, 2008 Reply

chorome is awesome and working fast

but one thing i notice when composing new msg in hotmail it didnt show the text editing bar??

Fariha Akhtar September 3, 2008 Reply

Ohh…tussi vi invisible ho :P Google Chrome is a smart browser :)

Mubbashir September 3, 2008 Reply

I use linux as my primary OS, unfortunately its not available for linux as of now..

But isn’t it way similar to prism?

Sohail September 3, 2008 Reply

Sohaib: The framework for plugins is already present in Chrome. They have just not opened it up. As they open it for developers, all popular extensions will be ported to Chrom as pretty soon.

Sumair: It is the first day of a beta product. Ik zara sabar…

Fariha: :)

Sohail September 3, 2008 Reply

Mubbashir: Yeah, I did the same with Prism also but there are some differences (how Chrome is manages “applications”, task-manager) that make Chrome better. May be I’ll write a post about it. Waise what I really want is: gOS like interface with a Mac-like DOCK at the bottom AND each application should NOT open a new browser but instead these chrome-windows.

Imran Hussain October 20, 2008 Reply

ahh! Cloud Computing at its best with Chrome!

Dominus November 17, 2008 Reply

Noooo .. no use windows OS …
you programmer? you use linux! ;)

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