Dream: Roam All Around Pakistan

I am having this dream for quite some time now: to wander all around Pakistan once before getting married… :)

And I hope to turn this dream into reality any time now. I am planning for it these days: getting things done, finishing client projects, and buying necessary stuff. It will be quite an experience. I have got a special domain ready to post pictures, videos, and text about the places where I will visit during the tour.

I still haven’t decided by what means I will be traveling. What about a motorcycle?

I dont think any of my friends will be ready to go with me. So most probably I will be alone. Lets see. I will keep you updated!


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Ali – When you get married you want to go to decent/nice/safe places only. What I plan is to capture every town that comes along, to eat in chappar-hotels, to stay where I can get a place.

Azeem – Yeah, just like Che Guevara… ;)

go for it buddy

make sure to stop by the shrines on the way, wish for the good of everyone, incl yourself

be sure to be lightly packed, and not carry too much money or look like you got alot of money :)

halaat tora both se kharab hai

good travel :)

PS : all pakistani people feel free to add Asifk88@hotmail.com

im a 20 year old pakistani living in copenhagen denmark, wanting more contact with my beloved country :)

Smart thinking Sohail. You should most definitely go for it before walking down the aisle :P

I could not help myself but noticed that this pic in the post is taken from the movie; ‘Motor cylce diaries’ one of m favorites. I dont know if you are aware of the fact that after the motorcycle tour with his friend; the second year medical student Fuzer was transformed in to the great leader Che Guevara. What are your chances ;) ??

Nice. Touring PK on a bike… it sounds fun.
That is pretty much about as fun as it will get.
Apart from the hurdles of letting your friends and family actually let you go on something like this, there will definitely be a period where you will feel sick of it and this passion will look just like that ugly little thing we call ‘work’. It will become boring, tiring and just plain ol’ useless.

It is then, my friend, that you will need more than just your intention on going on something like this. I hope that you are ready when that phase hits. But from all that I have gathered, this will effectively change your outlook on life. Completely.

I have a stupid cycle that I bought some months back (I plan to go from LHR to ISB on it, that pales in comparison to your plan of Pakistan!!).

Although I still plan to take this trip (like I said before, this is not as big a deal as your intended plan), the who passion thing is definitely gone right now. Why would I take it? What would I gain from it blah blah blah. analysis paralysis to the max.

Good luck bhai, good luck.

Sounds like fun, not a bad idea. However going alone is not looking so good. You should take someone with you. Its all about the company, atleast I would not go alone anywhere. I like to stay with friends. Hope to see your dream becoming a reality.

See documentaries called Long Way Round or Long Way Down … although it is a great thing to do a bike tour, you should not go alone. You’d be safer to have at least one more person with you, in case you get sick or you bike breaks. I’ve been thinking about doing something similar, but I am still collecting a crew ’cause nowadays such adventures should be taken with serious caution. And make sure that you get a safe bike :)

Are you still trying to do a tour of Pakistan? I am interested in something like this.

I am 30 years old, from Poland. I am currently touring Indian Kashmir/Jammu.

I would like to visit Pakistan, but having trouble finding information useful for motorcycle riders. Specifically, I can’t find even one place that rents motorcycles…

Any help and advice would be most welcome!

Thank you.

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