Will You Share a Business Idea?

Two mad Pakistanis have created a service where you can roll out startup ideas. Everyone will discuss them. They will get improved. And someone will implement them. Sounds interesting or stupid :S

Lets see why would someone want to share business ideas after all: Because we are already doing it anyway! Do you remember last time you tried to find an online service but could not find it? Did you read the other day a fellow blogger asking for localized services for Pakistan? Do you want to see an idea implemented but you know you are too busy to do that? These are the situations when you do want to share ideas.

And that’s why we created Ideas Hut. Now, we have a place where we can roll-out & discuss ideas we care about and want to see alive. The mantra is simple: we share and discuss an idea and we get the service. Isn’t it great? Go check for yourself: http://ideashut.com

Oh, by the way, the mad Pakistanis are Fariha and Me.


Ali Raza Shaikh June 1, 2008 Reply

Nice idea sohail!

We do have a lot of ideas that we want implement as a service. I hope this service will turn all those ideas into something useful.

and Good Luck to you and the other mad Pakistani:)

Sohail June 2, 2008 Reply

Thanks Ali for your supportive words. They really mean much to us. And we’ll try our best :)

Muhammad Qasim Pasta June 11, 2008 Reply

Startupmeme.com … a Pakistani re-startup!

Jasdeep June 13, 2008 Reply

Good to see vibrant startup culture in neighborhood.

Best Wishes from India !


Fariha Akhtar June 17, 2008 Reply


Thanks Jasdeep for such warm wishes :)

Nadeem December 21, 2009 Reply

Realy nice initiative I offer my services if some one want to start business or setup company or any type of service related to UAE. Please feel free to contact me.

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