Intel-AIOU Joint Offer: Classmate PC for Rs. 17,000

I have a major update regarding AIOU providing laptops to its students. Last time when I reported it was not that big. But now Open University seems serious in bulk-buying Intel Classmate PCs for students. Although they have 5 laptops to choose from, more concentration is being given to new upcoming models of Intel classmate PC.

The three UMPCs (Ultra Mobile PCs) are

1. Asus Eee PC (Rs. 18,400) – 7 inch screen, 512 MB, 900 MHz, 4GB SSD
2. Intel Classmate PC (Rs. 17,000) – 7 inch screen, 512 MB, 900 MHz, 2GB SSD
3. Intel Classmate PC (Rs. 20,000) – 9 inch screen, 512 MB, 900 MHz, 20GB HDD

Intel AIOU

Intel AIOU

All three UMPCs have Ethernet port, Wireless LAN, Built-in speaker and microphone, 2 USB ports. Intel Classmates also have built-in web cam.

Intel AIOU

On left, you see ASUS Eee PC, Center 9-inch Classmate PC, and right is 7-inch Classmate PC.

Intel AIOU

If you are a student of AIOU, you can get these computers without any markup and on easy installments by filling the form on intel-aiou joint website,


عرفان March 5, 2008 Reply

Can non aiou students get it on full payment (no installments) or installments with markup?

Sohail March 5, 2008 Reply

@ Irfan: you cant get Classmate PC in any retail shop. but you can buy ASUS Eee PC from some in Pakistan like . And one important news: ASUS will be shipping 9-inch Eee PC in the mid of 2008. I am really looking forward for that. If you need Classmate PC, then contact someone who is currently enrolled in AIOU or buy 7-inch Eee PC.

عرفان March 5, 2008 Reply

I need EEE PC. I asked Shing Technologies (ASUS distributors in Pakistan). They do not have any EEE PC left in their stock. They have given all (250) EEE PC to AIOU and they said that this is only for institutions., or do not have EEE PC in their listings. Someone, told me that AIOU process is too slow, you will get your pc after 2-3 months.

Sohail March 5, 2008 Reply

@ Irfan: Oh dear.. don’t worry… I remember having seen Eee on a pakistani site. Will send you the URL as I find. But I really wont recommend you to go for 7-inch Eee, I have used it for a while and it was not so pleasing. (although looks-wise its the best UMPC). So wait for the 9-inch. Here are the pics of the new Eee:

khurram shehzad March 5, 2008 Reply

how can i purchase pc and what is the requirments.

Sohail March 5, 2008 Reply

@ khurram: if you are a student of AIOU, you can fill order form at : and they will contact you.

M. Zubiar Choudhary April 1, 2008 Reply

i m applying for the laptop class 1
in aiou. And i m student of aiou. My roll no is w424839, and registration No. is 06-FID-4875, I m long term student. I also do MBA in Finance from AIOU. plz reply me on male. i also filled the performa and fulfill the requirments. why there is no action.. plz do needful… with best regards.

Irfan April 3, 2008 Reply

AOA All,
Is there anybody how have got the PC from AIOU or all are just filling up the application forms?


Sohail April 5, 2008 Reply

@ Zubair and Irfan

According to my sources, its a relatively long process. They asked students to fill form to get an idea how many of which brand they should order. These days, they should be in process of finalizing details with banks who will collaborate with AIOU/Students for installments and payment. So stay tuned. And continue to check the website

Haroon April 17, 2008 Reply

there is no detail given about installment and payment duration. My some friends get form but they are worrying about installment and payment duration. I will thankful to you to please update your information counter.

Sohail April 17, 2008 Reply

@ Haroon, the installment and payment duration options have been seen and confirmed by myself when I visited the university once. That’s a sure information. What I have got to know is that they were negotiating with banks. I will try to get information about the progress.

muhammad umer July 28, 2008 Reply

i am the student of aiou last two years ,and ihave urgent require alaptop computer and tell me the easiest way of buying.

JAVED AHMED August 2, 2008 Reply

I’m AIOU student,, can i get any other quotation without the other mentioned above.. i mean a laptop with Dual core,150GB, 2GB RAM… AND ALSO PLZ THE PRICE DETAIL IF U CAN GIVE..

Asif Irshad September 17, 2008 Reply

I m asif irshad from chitral pakistan. I m a student of Msc Economics. I just wana information about the laptops. Is that laptops are dualcore or not. and also give me detail of price plan is it installment basis or not. Do reply and obliged thanks

MUHAMMAD ADNAN September 20, 2008 Reply

sir, i am astudent of technical education. iread about you & your plannig from your paper.that’s ammazing. i also have to get a laptop but i can’t afford it in single payment. is there any oppertunity of easy monthly payment for me and like me people, kindly inform me sir.i am intrusted in laptop-1 & laptop-2. thankyou

Munir Paracha January 15, 2009 Reply

i am in search of intel best pc available for aiou students

Imran March 8, 2009 Reply

There is no information on how can i get information about installments except regional office

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