Startup Insiders Islamabad : It was great!

Startup Insiders Yesterday I was at Startup Insiders, Islamabad. Its is an initiative by P@SHA and Green & White providing a platform for new startup/wana-be new startups to meet with mentors and people who can help and guide them.

And it was really great to attend it. There were CEOs and other lead people who are successful at startups. And they were thee to guide us: the new startups guys. And even there were investors, as Osama told me, who were willing to fund you if you can convince them your idea/product is worth it. I was really delighted to see/attend all that. Something is happening in my country. So all of you who want to start a startup do attend Startup Insiders sessions. (they will be held every month at Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi. You can get notified at Green & White)

Hey Green & White and P@SHA! thanks for providing us this nice opportunity to meet industry people.

For those of you who want to know what Startup Insiders sessions are, here is an excellent introduction by Osama:

Think of them as Coffee Sessions in your city.

A lot of bright, energetic and passionate entrepreneurs have great ideas but want to figure out how to take their brilliant idea and convert it into a business – how do they think about product strategy, packaging, distribution, marketing, hiring a multi-disciplinary team?

We think one of the best ways of mentoring people on these ideas is by meeting very informally and very frequently with mentors and people who can truly help them.

We dont want to do this as a big grand activity – we want to take this down to grassroots and meet wherever a group of 15-20 people can get together, relax and think and talk startups – Coffee Sessions, if you will.

Here are a few images from the session:

Startup Insiders

Startup Insiders

Startup Insiders


Rakesh February 1, 2008 Reply

Wow. LMKR has beaten PixSense in organization man. Let’s see what Vahzay and Naseeb Networks bring on the table.

Jehan February 5, 2008 Reply

Sohail, glad you liked the event. I missed it but we are already starting on the second series with one being held in Karachi on February 8 at the Marriott. Promises to be good. Let us know how you would like it to be different. We will fine-tune them as we go along.

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