5 Months of Freelancing

Its been 5 months now since I left my regular programming job and started freelancing. And its been great! I have done 40+ projects on ScriptLance, 3 on GetACoder, and 5 on RentACoder in just 3 months. (took 2 months off). Its simply great.

And the best part of freelancing was freedom. I was free to take off whenever I wanted, to work whenever I wanted, to earn how much I wanted, and to spend with freedom. LESSON LEARNED: freelancing makes you happy, relaxed and responsible (will write about responsible part later).


Matt January 31, 2008 Reply

You seem to be doing good freelancing, good job! I see you changed your site again, getting better. How is version 3 of open newsletter coming, cant wait to see it!

Ali Raza Shaikh February 7, 2008 Reply

“freelancing makes you happy, relaxed and responsible” – i agree with you 101%

I still remember Jawwad comments “Work for yourself”

Alex February 9, 2008 Reply

Mee too i love beein independant as a webdesigner.

I love it, freedom, gives a chance to Expand when taken serously with faith and responsability and alot of Concentration and Focus on gettin more clients.

I would hire you for PHP projects :)

Alex February 9, 2008 Reply

Jesus christ i love your blog and your projects and websites, you do have talent!


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