Let’s Start Again

This is a new start for this website and my life. Have been disturbed last whole month and quit nearly everything. But I have gathered my passion and energies to have a new beginning in my life.

This weekend I have been busy in making this new website. Installed wordpress from scratch, redesigned home page with career information & introduction to my projects, made screenshots of my projects and fine-tuned this theme.

So stay with me. We will be brining good to this world and for the people…


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Hey Sohail,

You are at par when comes to designing and selecting right content for sites :)
You know better about appetite of audience.

And perhaps I am writing this to another myself, who exists in the same world where I am surviving :)

Wishing to hear from you soon…


I’m simply happy at”Let’s Start Again”..’m proud of you baby nd pray tht this new passion for life grow stronger by each passing day!!!

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